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    Hello everyone! Bia and Heather here once more, this time we are very proud and pleased to release our latest issue of Hollywood Ferret Magazine featuring Johnny Depp. This was a very exciting issue for us as we progressively grow and develop, always aiming to meet your needs and expectations. We love the support and feedback each of you have given to us and look forward to hearing more. This new issue of Hollywood Ferret Magazine focuses on several interesting topics and is especially dedicated to Mr. March himself! We hope you enjoy reading it and as always we look forward to hearing back from all of you as we welcome you to send us your questions, comments and topics but be sure to include a picture of you and your ferret so we can show you off to the world!!!!
    We thank everyone who has been sending us photos and feedback and can not stress how important it is for each and everyone of you to contact us. Tell us your thoughts, your ideas, questions and concerns as we will do our very best to incorporate each of our fans into each new issue. We are also still working hard on our new website which is coming along nicely. The new website is being worked on almost daily and will have a completely new look and feel to it. We hope that this new website will be just as good as our magazines and can not wait to have it completed because we know you will love it too. Unfortunately, we do not have an official release date as it is still in the works but we will keep you updated. 
    We hope you enjoy this issue of Hollywood Ferret and remember that you can tell us who you would like to see on the cover and remember that you too can apply to be showcased on the cover of Hollywood Ferret Magazine too. We hope you all enjoy this issue and are enjoying the spring that comes along with March. In the mean time, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and participate in special promotions and contest while staying up to date with the latest news. As always, we thank you for all of your support today, tomorrow and always!!!

                                                          Bia and Heather
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