Hollywood Ferret

A Speciality Store


          We are best friends who first came into each others lives over ten years ago while working for a not so amazing Cirque Du Soleil show on the Las Vegas Strip. We were just merely co-workers then and little did we know that working for that not so amazing Cirque show would be the best thing to ever happen to us as it brought us together and was the beginning of an amazing journey and friendship. Over the course of the past decade, our friendship has grown and blossomed into something that we not only never saw coming but something that we cannot put into words as it is truly amazing. In 2012 we made the choice to bring an amazing furry little ferret, whom we later named Milton, into our lives and he helped us begin the next phase of our journey which is now Hollywood Ferret. Hollywood Ferret is one of the most important things in our lives and something which we continuously work to develop and grow so that the lives of ferrets and ferret owners can be improved in a multitude of ways.      

          They say that the best things in life come in two's such as: Batman and Robin, the sun and the moon and everyone's favorite treat, Twinkies; of course, you can't forget about us. We are like the yin and the yang of each other's lives. Where one fails the other excels and honestly, we counterbalance one another; so much so, that we are the perfect team which is what helps to drive Hollywood Ferret as one idea from Bia may be improved by Heather and vice versa. We enjoy many things in life and are very private people except when it comes to Hollywood Ferret as this is one part of our lives which we like to share with the world and respectively, want the world to include with us. Bia is the driving force behind Hollywood Ferret as she is truly the one who devotes her heart and soul into every ounce of it and Heather is the blood which helps to keep it alive as it is again, a team effort and part of that aforementioned counterbalance.

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