Hollywood Ferret

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Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: December 29, 2013

Age: 6

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Female

Bonded with: Katy Foxy Johnny

Color/Pattern: Striped

Mascot of: Betsey Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Shay Mitchell

- Angelina Jolie

- Betty White

- Morgan Freeman

- Dwayne Johnson

- Lorraine Warren

- James Franco

- Kirk Douglas

- Ben Falcone

Now Playing: Pink - Get The Party Started

     Alongside her brother Hollywood, she is one of two of the last remaining original ferrets. As a Striped pattern and very unique, we knew we had to have her. Named after Hollywood Tide Betsey Johnson, Betsey is a shy and quiet little girl who has the sweetest heart. She is mellow, shy and very sweet to everyone whom she encounters, often found lounging with her tongue hanging out just gazing into your eyes. Betsey is a very mellow child, perhaps very opposite of her sister Paparazzi and her brother Brant as she is truly unique and one of a kind. Although she is mellow, she is truly valuable to us and gives us a lot of inspiration and guidance as we have come to learn that ferrets are not that different from us humans as there are many, many personalities out there and each personality comes with their own set of wants and respective needs.