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Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: February 22, 2012

DOD: November 2, 2015   Age Died: 3

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Female

Bonded with: Hollywood

Color/Pattern: Albino

Mascot of: Gaga Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Will Smith

- Macklemore

- Eminem

- Seth Rogen

- R.L. Stine

- Prince William

- Queen Elizabeth

- Niall Horan

- Sia

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          Not long after bringing home our first ferret Milton, we knew that he needed a partner to enjoy his life to the fullest which led us to finding Gaga. Although she was not with us for too long, she made an impact and taught us a lesson early in life. From her illness, we learned never to put any animal down, regardless of what any vet says because it was by far the hardest thing we have ever done, something that we both regret. Secondly, she also taught us to get, second, third and even fourth opinions while also having us come to understand that vets are not perfect and that they often make mistakes as ferrets are so unique that most vets do not know how to properly treat and or diagnose them. As a result, we have come to see that we often have more knowledge and experience then many of the vets we've encountered due to a lack of specialized training and experience.

          While Gaga was here we learned to develop specialty products which would not only help ferrets but also help ferret owners too, many of which we hope to share with you all in the very near future. Gaga was one of the most active ferrets we had owned at that time, always up when all of her brothers and sisters were sleeping and she was one to always get into trouble. Despite her adventurous personality she was a loving soul who we miss so much. We always think of her and wish we could have had more time

with her.