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Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: August 29, 2012

DOD: February 24, 2019    Age Died: 6

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Male

Bonded with: Milton Brant

Color/Pattern: Champagne

Mascot of: Hemsworth Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Muhammad Ali

- Alicia Keys

- Robert Carlyle

- Justin Timberlake

- Ashley Benson

- Duchess Kate

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     Hemi was the fourth ferret that came into our lives. Named after Hollywood Tide Liam Hemsworth his full name was Hemsworth; however, we always called him by his nickname Hemi. Much like Paparazzi, Hemi was also a biter, one of those ferrets who enjoyed biting our feet and ankles and although it was painful, what is love without a little pain? During playtime you would find Hemi being extra sneaky and attack surprise you when you least expected it. His favorite was coming at you from behind and bite into your heal. We're pretty sure he thought it was funny. Hemi was one who recently passed due to an illness which he fought for many years. His lymphnodes enlarged between the age of 2-3 and although he may have succumb to his illness, we have to say that we feel as though he won because he lived much longer than he should have and could have with the help of Milton's Protein Shake along with the secret ingredient that Hemi allowed us to discover. We are very proud of the life that Hemi lived and feel as though our time with him was a blessing as he too taught us many