Hollywood Ferret

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Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: February 19, 2012

DOD: November 22, 2019    Age Died: 7

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Male

Bonded with: Gaga Paparazzi

Color/Pattern: Panda

Mascot of: Hollywood Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Brad Pitt

- Holly Madison

- Brian Austin Green

- Pink

- Christopher Lee

- Janet Jackson

- Jeremy Renner

- Colin Trevorrow

- Ryan Gosling

- Tim Burton

- Louis Tomlinson

Now Playing: Simple Plan - Can't Keep My Hands Off You

     Hollywood, alongside Betsey, are the last two remaining original ferrets whom we have, he is currently our Alpha Male and is something unique. As each of our ferrets are, Hollywood is different in the sense that he is a deaf ferret, something that we learned by accident to which he taught us many great things about too. Hollywood was named after the store, one of only two original ferrets (the other being Milton) not to be named after a Hollywood Tide. Hollywood is a sweet boy who has never bitten and never even hissed, in fact, he's never even made a peep. Hollywood is a dead sleeper and a quiet boy who keeps to himself but can indeed put up a good fight with his brothers and even his feisty sisters when and if needed. Hollywood is a Panda, who over the years has transformed into a Dark Eyed White, but we know what he truly is. Now the oldest male we have, he is a great big brother to his business and keeps the ferrets in line. Looking and acting young, we hope to have many great years with him in the near future. He continues to give us inspiration each and everyday.