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Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: February 12, 2013

DOD: March 5, 2019     Age Died: 6

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Female

Bonded with: Betsey

Color/Pattern: Blaze

Mascot of: Confection Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Leonardo DiCaprio

- Curtis Stone

- Robert Downey Jr.

- Steven Spielberg

- Lucy Hale

- Chris Evans

- Wes Craven

- Liam Payne

- Magic Johnson

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     Katy was an original Hollywood Ferret, one who was named after Hollywood Tide Katy Perry and one, who like the others, also taught us many things. We unfortunately lost Katy shortly after we lost Hemi. Up until the end of her life, Katy lived a great life free of any health issues; however, when she did get sick it was not for nothing as she helped to inspire us to help other ferrets just as her beloved brother Milton had before her. Katy was a Blaze and she was a sweet and fun girl who taught us what a hiss was. Before getting Katy we had never heard nor did we even know what a ferret hiss was. Of course hissing was not all she did as she also knew how to give kisses and give us unconditional love too. We think hissing was Katy's favorite pastime as she about hissed at everyone that came near her. She liked lounging on her own, in a hammock all to herself. And somedays, depending on her mood, she would jump in to cuddle. During playtime she continued doing her thing alone while hissing at everyone who wanted to play with her. Maybe that's why Betsey is so mellow. Maybe Katy told her to not bother her, even though they were a bonded pair. I guess some partners do better away from each other. Not us though. We love good company and so did

Katy, but just on her own terms.