Hollywood Ferret

A Speciality Store




Born: North Rose, NY

DOB: January 8, 2012

DOD: January 3, 2018    Age Died: 5

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Gender: Male

Bonded with: Hemi

Color/Pattern: Sable Standard

Mascot of: Milton Collection

Hollywood Tides who LOVE me!

- Hugh Hefner

- Stan Lee

- Katy Perry

- Lil Wayne

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

- Johnny Depp

- George Lucas

- Bob Barker

- Lady Gaga

- Lily Tomlin

- Harry Styles

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          Milton was the first ferret we not only owned but ever encountered. Our journey with Milton began as we went to go “look” at Petco, little did we know that our outing would change the course of our lives as we knew it forever, for the better. As we strolled around the store, it didn’t take long for Bia to spot Milton who was the only ferret left in the habitat and Bia asked to see him but it was Milton’s bite that won her heart. We took him home that day not knowing anything about ferrets and ended up making several mistakes. After attempting and failing to learn about ferrets, we knew we had to change things so that others didn’t have the same experience and make the same mistakes as us. From that day on until 2018 Milton brought us so much joy and taught us many, many things. Without him we would not have Hollywood Ferret nor would we have the love and memories which we do. This page is dedicated to him, the first, original ferret to ever dook into our hearts, the one who established Hollywood Ferret.

          Milton was a quiet ferret, but despite being quiet and sweet he was the Alpha Male of the business. One of Milton’s favorite things was his pirate ship, also known as the USS Milton, which he would often lounge in for hours and even fought the others for. Additionally, Milton enjoyed playing with many of the toys we created specifically for him and the business. As Milton got older, he sadly became sick with insulinoma and as a result Bia developed a special recipe to help ensure he had all the nutrition he needed to live a strong and healthy life free of medicine and surgical procedures. This special diet has now been shared with many Hollywood and Pacific Tides and has been useful in saving the lives of many ferrets while giving young ferrets the change to live an even longer and

healthier life too. Respectively, it is named after him called Milton’s Protein Shake.